About Us

    We are an innovative Concept Boutique Showroom based in Montreal, Quebec for the North American market.We represent a list of thoughtfully curated bags, accessory and footwear brands, none of them present in our markets, and all with an independent and contemporary flair and aesthetic.

Our selection of skillfully curated brands and leading designers have a strong brand identity and strength in design aesthetic, co-ordinated to provide a real showcase for our buyers. Gradually we are establishing these fashionable labels within the best retailers through a tailored distribution strategy that respects their brand image and identity. 

   Our brands have great success, identity and following in Europe and are now being introduced to the North American market. Having sole distribution rights for the brands we represent, we aim to sell to a select, limited number of independent shops or fashion chains.

   "With a growing client base Our philosophy and focus is on integrity when working with clients and building longevity with them." 

In a global context, we place great importance on establishing individual relationships with each of our brands and our buyers. Through various mediums of communication and market research we explore unique strategies and identify solutions that not only best fits our brands conceptual ideals, but also their own personal brand development and growth as well as our market.

    The strength of 17:19 Showroom is grounded in the standing relationships we have with the brands we carry utilizing these strong ties to support each other, which in turn creates an elite collection of national and international buyers.

Over time, we believe this investment in brand development ensures a cultivated growth and market presence for the brands we represent.

                                                       OUR SPACE 

    Our space is an architectural and meaningful format in the display of products created in collaboration with Montreal’s renowned Luxury high end furniture store LATITUDE NORD, sees the birth of a flexible space that adapts well to the brands represented.

Blending contemporary, rich modern vibrant designs to enhance the products visual merchandising giving them a central role across our Showrooms display.

Resulting in a carefully CURATED space for our brands and clients.