Friendly Fire is a footwear brand that invites women to express themselves.

Founded in 2015, under the creative direction of Alexandra Castro and Rute Marques, it combines disruptive design and savoir faire, the perfect combo when creating unique products.

A reflection of the bubbly, irreverent personality of its designers, Friendly Fire presents us with non-consensual collections, inspired in the unlikely combination of colours, materials and textures; applications of glass crystal stones guarantee the sophistication that represents the identity of a creative and elegant woman. Designed for independent, sophisticated women who know exactly what they want, the brand puts an emphasis on quality, exclusiveness and detail in all of their products. Dare to enter an artsy and sophisticated world, where creativity and a mix of textures dictate the best of the season.  

Designed and manufactured in Guimarães, in a factory boasting over 25 years of experience in the footwear industry, this is a project that aims at becoming a leader in the Portuguese luxury footwear segment.