The history of La Carrie is rich in tradition, creativity and a touch of glam.

In 1995, thanks to his entrepreneurial mind Nazareno Amatori established Big Foot in Castel Bolognese (Province of Ravenna - Italy). There, in the Romagna inland the company grew strong and Big Foot started its manufacture of shoes and accessories for the big names in fashion.

Fast forward to 2014 the new generation of Amatori family conceptualized a brand to represent a new woman and embody her values.

Paola, the company’s executive officer, and Francesco, the eclectic designer, founded LA CARRIE a modern and authentic voice, a story made of willpower, independence, beauty and a pinch of craziness, which are the fundamental characteristics of the women who choose the brand’s bags.

La Carrie is a brand and a product with a great visual impact . La Carrie is about bold and fun femininity : La Carrie is signature for BUCKET bags . Since the very beginning , the brand bet on this peculiar shape and made it it’s reference model and real emblem . With time it’s become a point of reference in the market. Today, years from the first collection, Buckets are still the best selling models . This confirms the ability of  La Carrie to create a consistent and effective identity and an ideal buy for every woman.